How To Solve Issues Related to Log – MaxContentLength set to high value; resetting it to [100mb]

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Troubleshooting background

To troubleshoot Elasticsearch log “MaxContentLength set to high value; resetting it to [100mb]” it’s important to know common problems related to Elasticsearch concepts: rest-high-level. See below-detailed explanations complete with common problems, examples and useful tips.

To help troubleshoot related issues we have gathered selected Q&A from the community and issues from Github , please review the following for further information :

Github Issue Number 11244


Github Issue Number 2237


Log Context

Log ”MaxContentLength set to high value; resetting it to [100mb]” classname is
We have extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code to get an in-depth context :

         this.pipeliningMaxEvents = SETTING_PIPELINING_MAX_EVENTS.get(settings);
        this.corsConfig = buildCorsConfig(settings);

        // validate max content length
        if (maxContentLength.getBytes() > Integer.MAX_VALUE) {
            logger.warn("maxContentLength[{}] set to high value; resetting it to [100mb]"; maxContentLength);
                    "out of bounds max content length value [{}] will no longer be truncated to [100mb]; you must enter a valid setting";
            maxContentLength = new ByteSizeValue(100; ByteSizeUnit.MB);

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