Launching Open-Source Operator for OpenSearch

By Opster Team

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

| 1 min read

With powerful capabilities for orchestration & management of OpenSearch clusters. The Operator is led by Opster with partners including SUSE Rancher, Maibornwolff,, OpenSearch, and more.

The OpenSearch Operator is fully open-source, licensed as Apache 2.0, and is used for automating the deployment, provisioning, management, and orchestration of OpenSearch clusters and OpenSearch dashboards. 

The Operator development is being led by Opster with partners including SUSE Rancher, Maibornwolff, OpenSearch, and more.

The Operator enables high-level API use, for easily running advanced OpenSearch operations on Kubernetes. With the Operator, scaling up and down, version upgrades, rolling restarts, securing deployments and managing certificates is simplified and streamlined. 

The Operator allows for management of multiple OpenSearch clusters and OpenSearch Dashboards. The Operator[simplifies operation by providing node draining, adjustment of memory and disk resources on the nodes, advanced shard allocation strategies and auto-scaling based on usage load and resources. 

The joint team is hard at work continuing to further develop the Operator and add even more powerful capabilities. If you want to test the Operator and contribute feedback, or contribute to the development of the Operator, reach out to the team at You can check out the github repo here.

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