Install Opster Management Console

What the OMC provides

The free Opster Management Console (OMC) makes it easy to orchestrate and manage OpenSearch & Elasticsearch in any environment. Using the OMC you can deploy multiple clusters, configure node roles, scale cluster resources, manage certificates and more – all from a single interface, for free. 

Whether you’re managing your own Kubernetes cluster or going the hosted route, you can deploy the Opster Management Console and benefit from its abilities on all cloud environments.

How to install the OMC

The OMC can be easily installed using helm on any CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster. To use the OMC, the OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator must first be installed.

To install the Kubernetes Operator using Helm:

helm repo add opensearch-operator
helm repo update

helm install [RELEASE_NAME] opensearch-operator/opensearch-operator

To install the OMC using Helm:

Get repo info:

helm repo add opster-omc
helm repo update

Install chart:

helm install [RELEASE_NAME] opster-omc/omc

Uninstall chart:

helm uninstall [RELEASE_NAME]

Upgrade chart:

helm upgrade [RELEASE_NAME] opster-omc/omc
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