Elasticsearch License

Elasticsearch License

Opster Team

Nov 2020

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License in Elasticsearch

What is it:

Elasticsearch offers various licenses with different sets of features, ranging from Open Source Basic, to Gold, Platinum and Enterprise. The default is set to basic. The basic license is a forever free plan but lacks many advanced x-pack features, such as alerts and advanced security. The following parameter is used inside elaticsearch.yml file to set a license type:

xpack.license.self_generated.type: basic

Related log errors to this ES concept

Automatically enabling security for older trial license
License expired
License grace
License mode valid
Setting will be ignored until an appropriate license is applied
Security tokens are not available under the current license
Blocking operation due to expired license. Cluster health; cluster stats and indices stats n
API Keys are not available under the current license
Couldnt initialize watching license mode file
Existing basic license has an expiration. Basic licenses no longer expire.
The realm is not available under the current license

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