Are you operating mission-critical ES with a managed service?

Struggling with the following troubles?

  • Ticket based support on production downtime?
  • Limited control on cluster management?
  • Challenges in managing as data and scale grow?
  • Required to optimize cluster performance?

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Managed services don’t solve everything

When running Elasticsearch in critical use cases, managed services have significant limitations and disadvantages.

End-to-end solutions for mission-critical Elasticsearch

  • Top-tier preventive support and consulting
  • Detection, prevention and resolution of incidents
  • Real-time advanced optimization tools
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring and automations

Opster's powerful solutions include:

Multi-Cluster Load Balancer, Search Gateways, Shard Optimizer, Slow Logs and many more automations and capabilities.

Easily integrated into your own operation Stack

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