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AutoOps AutoOps
Search Gateway Search Gateway
Multi-Cluster Load Balancer Multi-Cluster Load Balancer

Community Tools

Free tools & open-source software to help support your search deployment



Provide customized recommendations on how to fix various issues and insights on how to improve performance & reduce hardware costs based on a snapshot of the cluster.

Opster Management Console

On-prem console to deploy, manage and orchestrate OpenSearch / Elasticsearch from a single interface.

OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator

Easily deploy, manage and orchestrate OpenSearch.

AutoOps Software

Prevents & resolves issues, cuts down administration time and reduces hardware costs

$1.49/GB RAM/Month*

*GB of RAM memory connected to the platform on an annual subscription.

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AutoOps Platform

Prevents issues and provides resolutions in real-time for any problem discovered.

Optimizes performance, improves resource utilization and easily manages clusters.

Easily deploy, manage and orchestrate clusters from a single interface.


Cover any issue in Elasticsearch / OpenSearch with support & professional services

$0.67/GB RAM/Month*

*Prices are based on an annual subscription and subject to the purchase of AutoOps software & a minimum deal size.

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Proactive End-to-End Support

Proactive support driven by the AutoOps platform with its advanced capabilities to pinpoint and resolve issues.

24/7/365 support availability with a dedicated Slack/Teams channel and periodic meetings with Opster’s expert team.

Professional services to complement everything needed, including cluster design, data modeling, version upgrade and more.

Comparing what’s included in the software packages

Community Tools
AutoOps Software
Incident resolution
Detecting misconfigurations
Basic, based on a snapshot of JSONs
Continuous and real-time with alerts based on 20+ APIs
Root cause analysis
Advanced, pinpointing the exact cause of the issue
Automatic resolution of issues
Provides customized recommendations on how to fix various issues and misconfigurations.
Automatic resolution for dozens of issues
  • Cluster status (Red/Yellow)
  • Too many shards
  • Unbalanced node load (hotspots)
  • Loaded data nodes
  • Noisy neighbor
  • Slow searches
  • Indexing lags and latency
  • Inefficient shards
  • Disk space and watermarks
  • Garbage collection hell
  • Disconnected nodes
  • Dangerous settings
  • Cluster formation issues
  • Out of Memory exceptions
  • Many more
Performance optimization
Improvement of templates and index mappings
Real-time shard size and amount optimization
Cost reduction
Resource utilization insights
Automated capacity planning and cost analysis
Optimizing of clusters architecture
Operation stability
Automatic index rollover, split and shrink
Optimizing index schema
Orchestration & Management
Management capabilities
Automatic version upgrades
Deploy multiple clusters
Automatic infrastructure troubleshooting
The cherry on top
Opster Management Console runs on any Kubernetes environment and is easily installed. All other tools do not require installation
Simple one-time installation via a lightweight agent
Support for all Elasticsearch versions
Soc-2 compliant
Role-based access control
Multi-factor authentication and SAML
Integrations and notifications
All major operation management stacks. Including Slack, Teams, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Grafana, VictorOps
Search Gateway
Multi-Cluster Load Balancer

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