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Prices are based on the resources connected to the platform and begin at $9/month per node¹. The subscription includes all of the below:

Diagnosing & fixing issues across all aspects of ES operations

Essentials diagnoses issues in both your infrastructure & data layers.
Once diagnosed, the platform provides different methods for resolving issues, either manually with actionable instructions or automatically using Opster’s on-prem Operator.

Optimizing search and indexing performance

The Essentials subscription includes on-prem operators that perform advanced optimizations such as: shard rebalancing, blocking heavy searches, optimizing templates and more.

All of these optimizations will ensure that your cluster will operate at peak performance and maximum resiliency.

Reducing infrastructure costs

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow customers to downsize the needed hardware for their deployment and save money.

Hands-on support

Opster’s support team conducts periodic reviews to examine your data modeling, assist in capacity planning, optimize search and indexing performance and apply best practices.
Using the Essentials platform, the support team will alert you and resolve any problems with your ES before they materialize into issues affecting performance.

Professional services

The subscription includes a bank of hours for professional services – Learn More.
We won’t send you to read some best practices articles or tell you that an upgrade solves everything. We’ll solve every issue case-by-case, and upgrade when it’s truly needed.

Production support

In the rare cases that a production incident occurs while working with Opster, we offer 24 x 7 x 365 production support with the fastest response time in the industry.

Ongoing communication with our team is conducted via a dedicated Slack channel &  video calls.

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Multi-Cluster Load Balancer

Price is license-based.
Contact us for price details.

Easy scaling of multi-tenancy data

Simple configuration of tenants on different clusters to ensure seamless routing of requests and enable easy scaling with heterogeneous data and SLAs.

Constant high availability and data recovery

The Multi-Cluster Load Balancer mirrors traffic routed to the cluster to multiple back-ends in real-time, ensuring constant availability and preventing data loss.

Improved performance when clusters are loaded

Searches are routed between clusters automatically to ensure that the load is evenly balanced and requests are served as efficiently as possible, even under system stress.

Tenant and cluster usage visibility

View all resource usage according to tenants.

Smooth Elasticsearch version upgrades

The Multi-Cluster Load Balancer enables version upgrades with no downtime and the ability to seamlessly upgrade from significantly older versions to new ones (such as bringing Elasticsearch from v1 to v7).

Backwards compatibility to ES v1.x

The Multi-Cluster Load Balancer is fully compatible with all Elasticsearch versions.

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Search Gateway

Price is license-based.
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Optimized searches for quicker response times

The Search Gateway will optimize your queries for quicker response times and improved search performance.

Pinpoint heavy searches that are impacting the cluster

With Opster’s Search Gateway you can easily see which of your users generated heavy searches and what the specifications of each search are.

Block heavy searches - automatically with customization options

The Search Gateway allows you to configure different search rules for different tenants and prevent heavy searches from breaking the system. Prevention can be customized according to SLA and system requirements.

Enhanced visibility of searches

Accurate, detailed dashboards with all search stats, including search “took time”, amount of searches over time and drill down visibility for each specific search.

Ability to group search stats by user

The Gateway automatically retrieves all of your search logs, extracts and assigns the executing user so you can see which searches belong to which users. Easy viewing on Kibana dashboards.

Real-time explanations for what caused searches to slow down

No need to wonder what happened in your system – the Search Gateway automatically locates the root cause of issues and provides you with specified recommendations and actions for optimization.

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Search Gateway

Opster Essentials   Support¹

Production support hours are unlimited to resolve production incidents. The subscription includes a bank of professional hours. Prices are subject to minimum deal size and are based on the resources connected to the platform.

Opster Operator

An on-premise Operator that can perform advanced actions to optimize performance and prevent issues and is included in the Essentials subscription.

Opster Metricbeat

Opster Essentials connects via Opster-Metricbeat is an agent through which Elasticsearch Metrics are sent to Opster’s service, probing Elasticsearch using ES public Rest API. Opster-Metricbeat is a lightweight GO process that is packaged into a Docker, based on the open-source metricbeat agent with an Opster module installed.


Opster is Soc-2 certified and adheres to the highest security standards. The Search Gateway, Opster Operator and the Multi-Cluster Load Balancer are on-premise tools.


Slack, PagerDuty, Opsgenie and integration to any alerting /messaging platform that works with web-hooks.

Easily integrated, secured by design

Opster is SOC-2 certified. Our products are either on-prem or collect only metrics & stats (no sensitive information), and can be easily integrated into your management stack. We work with Fortune 500 companies that have the strictest guidelines.

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