Elasticsearch Management and Troubleshooting

Opster detects and predicts root causes of Elasticsearch problems, provides recommendations and can perform various actions to prevent issues

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What causes nodes to disconnect, queries to slow, indexes to lag,
hotspots to occur and so many other Elasticsearch issues ?


Heavy searches, intensive snapshots, bursts of incoming data and
many additional factors affect Elasticsearch operation



When Elasticsearch doesn’t run properly it impacts your company
and team, affecting customer experience and disrupting your
business by wasting resources, slowing services and causing production downtime


Incorporating deep knowledge and broad history of Elasticsearch
issues. Opster’s product identifies and predicts root causes of
Elasticsearch problems, provides recommendations and can
automatically perform various actions to manage, troubleshoot
and prevent issues

Solving Elasticsearch Problems and Optimizing Performance


See clearly and precisely whats need with dashboards and visualizations made for Elasticsearch management

Problem Prevention

Forecast Elasticsearch problems before they occur and identify the deep root cause of issues

Performance Optimization

Reduce costs and optimize performance by detecting exhausted resources, heavy searches and redundant replicas

Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents quickly and easily with actionable recommendations that include detailed instructions

Automatic Actions

Reduce application downtime by automating workflows with Opster wisdom integrated into your alert and visualizations tool stack

Opster integrates easily with a variety of monitoring, alert and visualisation tools

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