Operate Mission Critical Elasticsearch Successfully

Opster detects, prevents, optimizes and automates everything needed to manage Elasticsearch in critical use cases


Problem Prevention

Actively detects the root causes of Elasticsearch problems and prevents them

Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents quickly and easily with actionable instructions on how to remediate incidents, scripts and automation

Performance Optimization

Reduce costs and optimize performance by balancing shards, optimizing searches, detecting bottlenecks and more

Operation Automation

Minimize maintenance tasks and reduce incident resolution time with Opster integrated into your operational management stack

Operation Monitoring

The basic layer - identifies disconnected nodes and detect which index is lagging

World-Class Elasticsearch Expertise In One Powerful Solution

Opster’s line of products and services
delivers a fundamentally more
effective Elasticsearch operation


Running ELK with a managed service or working with it Independently

If Elasticsearch plays an important role for you, Opster can revolutionize your operation


Easily integrated into your operation Stack

All of Opster’s wisdom can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack so you can easily automate repetitive workflows :

"Having worked with Opster in optimizing our environment, I can say that Opster’s knowledge of Elasticsearch is really comprehensive. In my opinion, Opster is a must-have for all companies with mission-critical Elasticsearch "

Golan Shatz, Director of Data & Operations, Totango

"The cost of Elasticsearch downtime can be significant. Opster is what organizations need to streamline their Elasticsearch operations."

Eran Shlomi, DoIT International

"Using Opster’s ESsentials, we were able to scale our operations and channel our focus into growing our company"

Ori Erel, Co-Founder & CTO at AltNext

Prevent Application Failure With Our Free Check-Up

Opster offers a free check-up to analyze your Elasticsearch settings and compare them to world-class best practices.

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