Ensuring peak performance in Elasticsearch

Opster ensures smooth Elasticsearch operations. Unlike with managed services, you’re not left in charge of troubleshooting and optimizing ES performance.

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Keeping your clusters healthy and running smoothly at all times

Opster's products block heavy searches, guarantee high availability, automate maintenance and ensure peak performance in Elasticsearch, both for on-prem and cloud deployments.

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Superior support driven by our platform

Opster's Essentials includes support by our elite team of experts and is driven by our powerful platform with its advanced capabilities to detect and prevent issues.

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Powered by world-class Elasticsearch expertise

The expertise embedded in Opster's platform comes not only from our exceptional internal team, but also from some of the world’s top Elasticsearch experts.

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"In my opinion, Opster is a must-have for all companies with mission-critical Elasticsearch. Having worked with Opster in optimizing our environment, I can say that Opster’s knowledge of Elasticsearch is really comprehensive. "

Golan Shatz, Director of Data & Operations, Totango

"We tried running ES with a managed service - it was a disaster. Using Opster’s Essentials service, we were able to optimize ES operation and channel our focus into our core products instead of wasting time and resources. "

Ori Erel, Co-Founder & CTO at AltNext

"The cost of Elasticsearch downtime can be significant. Opster is what organizations need to streamline their Elasticsearch operations."

Eran Shlomi, DoIT International

Easily integrated into your own operation Stack

Whether you have an on-prem or cloud installation, Opster’s products can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack.

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