Elasticsearch Management and Troubleshooting

Opster pro-actively troubleshoots, optimizes, automates and assists in everything needed to successfully run Elasticsearch in production

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Problem Prevention

Actively prevent problems before they occur & detect the root causes of ES issues

Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents quickly and easily with actionable recommendations that include detailed instructions

Performance Optimization

Reduce costs and optimize performance by saving resources, detecting bottlenecks, balancing shards and many more

Workflow Automation

Minimize repetitive maintenance tasks with Opster’s recommendations integrated into your operation management stack

Operation Monitoring

Gain observability on what ES is doing, identify disconnected nodes and detect which index is lagging

World-Class Elasticsearch Expertise In One Powerful Product

By incorporating information on numerous incidents, opster can detect the root cause of issues and prevent problems

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Running ELK with a hosted service or working with it Independently

If Elasticsearch plays an important role for you, Opster can revolutionize your operation

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Easily Integrated into your operation Stack

All of Opster’s wisdom can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack so you can easily automate repetitive workflows :

"The cost of Elasticsearch downtime can be significant. Opster is what organizations need to streamline their Elasticsearch operations."

Eran Shlomi, DoIT International

Prevent Application Failure With Our Free Check-Up

Opster offers a free check-up to analyze your Elasticsearch settings and compare them to world-class best practices.

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