Taking Care of Your Entire Elasticearch Operation

Opster will cover everything you need to successfully run Elasticsearch, unlike managed services that handle only infrastructure-related management.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 & Startup Companies

No more heavy lifting

To ensure smooth Elasticsearch operations, Opster will set up and optimize templates, balance shards, improve search & indexing performance, manage your data structure and much more.

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Ensure peak performance

Opster's products automate maintenance, block heavy searches, guarantee high availability and ensure peak performance in Elasticsearch, both for on-prem and cloud deployments.

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Reduce infrastructure costs dramatically

Reduce your hardware costs by up to 60% while improving performance with Opster's Essentials platform.

Proactive support, from start to finish

Opster's support is driven by the Essentials platform with its advanced capabilities to pinpoint issues in Elasticsearch, both on the infrastructure and data layers.

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Easily integrated, secured by design

Opster is SOC-2 certified. Our products are either on-prem or collect only metrics & stats (no sensitive information), and can be easily integrated into your management stack. We work with Fortune 500 companies that have the strictest guidelines.

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