Opster’s Community Tools in Elastic

Opster is now part of the Elastic family!

Opster’s Community Tools are currently being integrated into Elastic.
Stay tuned for an enhanced solution.

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Improve search performance with the Check-Up

The Elasticsearch Check-Up detects search problems and provides personalized recommendations to improve performance. The Check-Up analyzes your configuration based on 2 JSON files, pinpointing and recommending optimizations.

Analyze your slow logs in 2 minutes

The Search Log Analyzer analyzes Elasticsearch slow logs files to pinpoint slow and heavy searches. It provides visibility into search “took” time & amount of searches, and customize instructions on why queries were slow and how to optimize searches.

Get instant answers to search questions with OpsGPT

Opster’s free AI-powered chat (beta) will assist you with all your queries and concerns related to Elasticsearch. OpsGPT is accessible 24/7, allowing you to seek assistance whenever you need it, without any waiting time.


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