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There is a Better Way to Manage Elasticsearch

We run Elasticsearch in production and learned the hard way that even though it usually does a great job, it can often become very difficult to manage over time. As operations scale, ES can behave in unexpected ways, leading to problems that can be extremely challenging to solve.

Go Beyond Monitoring

Generic monitoring tools that handle various systems that have different architectures just don’t do the trick. Neither does relying on managed services that have significant limitations and disadvantages when running mission-critical Elasticsearch.

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Our Team

We are operation experts who spent years mastering how to keep Elasticsearch running smoothly.

Ziv Segal

CEO and Co-founder
Elasticsearch Top Expert
Former Chief Architect and Founding Member of Logz.io

Yonatan Stern

Chairman and Co-founder
Serial Entrepreneur, Former CEO and Founder of Zoominfo (NASDAQ:ZI) BIZO, CardScan and Rosh Intelligent Systems

Our Community Supporters

Opster’s deep expertise is not only based on that of our exceptional internal team, but also on knowledge gathered from world-class Elasticsearch experts.
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