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Reduced hardware costs by over $4 million

“Since beginning to work with Opster, we’ve been able to significantly improve our Elasticsearch performance and reduce our hardware costs by over $4 million.”

Senior Lead SRE

Arpit Ghiya

Improved search & indexing performance

"Using Opster’s AutoOps Operator for Shard Optimization, search throughput performance improved by 30%. Since we started to use Opster’s service we’ve been able to not think about Elasticsearch anymore."

Head of System Engineering

Jose Rafaelly

Finally found a solid partner after trying managed services and various consultants

"Using the platform and the team’s support, we’ve been able to revamp our data structure, avoid incidents and improve performance. After trying out various consultants and managed services we finally found a solid partner in Opster."

Data Platform Director

Eviatar Tenne

Reduced time spent on Elasticsearch by over 30%

"Before Opster, I was probably spending over 30% of my time just nursing Elasticsearch. I love the way Opster works with us, the proactive advice, the technology they provide – working with Opster gave us the confidence to continue with Elasticsearch moving forward."

Information Technology Specialist

Adam Donnison

Built & optimized our Elasticsearch

“Opster helped us plan and build an entire brand new system on top of Elasticsearch. Thanks to them we avoided production incidents, saved crucial time and we still benefit constantly from the AutoOps platform and their quick support."

Product Development Architect

Nathan Amichay

The Search Gateway allowed us to improve search performance and reduce search latency

“Opster has become a true partner, allowing us to focus on providing our customers with with our core value rather than wasting our time on Elasticsearch troubles.”


Lourens Rozema

Saved us time, money and worry

"Working with Opster saved us so much time and money, because we didn’t have any need for an internal Elasticsearch expert. Opster helped build our whole Elasticsearch system from scratch and carries out capacity planning, query optimizations, delivers amazing support and so much more."

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Bregenzer

I’m able to save so much time and effort that I used to spend on handling OpenSearch.

“Opster is the only company that provides what it does. Others may offer you monitoring, or consultation, but Opster covers absolutely everything you need to successfully run your search deployment.”

Senior SysAdmin

Billy McCarthy

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