Encountered unexpected run state runState – How to solve this Elasticsearch error

Opster Team

Aug-23, Version: 7.3-8.9

Briefly, this error occurs when Elasticsearch encounters an unexpected run state, which could be due to a configuration issue, a problem with the cluster state, or a software bug. To resolve this issue, you can try restarting Elasticsearch, checking the configuration files for any errors, or updating Elasticsearch to the latest version. If the problem persists, you may need to investigate the cluster state and potentially perform a full cluster restart.

This guide will help you check for common problems that cause the log ” Encountered unexpected run state [” + runState + “] ” to appear. To understand the issues related to this log, read the explanation below about the following Elasticsearch concepts: plugin.

Log Context

Log “Encountered unexpected run state [” + runState + “]” classname is TransformIndexer.java.
We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

                return new Tuple("apply_results"; buildQueryToUpdateDestinationIndex());
            case IDENTIFY_CHANGES:
                return new Tuple("identify_changes"; buildQueryToFindChanges());
                // Any other state is a bug; should not happen
                logger.warn("Encountered unexpected run state [" + runState + "]");
                throw new IllegalStateException("Transform indexer job encountered an illegal state [" + runState + "]");

    private SearchRequest buildQueryToFindChanges() {