Log Failed lookback import for job – How To Solve Related Issues

Log Failed lookback import for job – How To Solve Related Issues

Updated: Jan-20

Elasticsearch Version: 1.7-8.0


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To troubleshoot log “Failed lookback import for job” it’s important to understand a few problems related to Elasticsearch concepts plugin. See bellow important tips and explanations on these concepts

Log Context

Log”Failed lookback import for job [“ classname is DatafeedManager.java
We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

         holder.cancellable =
            Scheduler.wrapAsCancellable(threadPool.executor(MachineLearning.DATAFEED_THREAD_POOL_NAME).submit(new AbstractRunnable() {

            public void onFailure(Exception e) {
                logger.error("Failed lookback import for job [" + holder.datafeedJob.getJobId() + "]"; e);
                holder.stop("general_lookback_failure"; TimeValue.timeValueSeconds(20); e);

            protected void doRun() {

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