Failed to clear cache for realms – How to solve related issues

Failed to clear cache for realms – How to solve related issues

Opster Team

Feb-21, Version: 1.7-8.0

To understand why Elasticsearch failed to clear cache for realms, we recommend you run the Elasticsearch Error Check-Up which can help resolve this error and many others.

This guide will help you check for common problems that cause the log “Failed to clear cache for realms” to appear. It’s important to understand the issues related to the log, so to get started, read the general overview on common issues and tips related to the Elasticsearch concepts: cache, mapping and plugin.

Log Context

Log “Failed to clear cache for realms [{}]” classname is
We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

                             logger.debug((org.apache.logging.log4j.util.Supplier>) () -> new ParameterizedMessage(
                                    "Cleared cached in realms [{}] due to role mapping change"; Arrays.toString(realmNames)));
                        ex -> {
                            logger.warn("Failed to clear cache for realms [{}]"; Arrays.toString(realmNames));


Run the Check-Up to get a customized report like this:

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