AWS & Opster:
Improved OpenSearch performance
and optimized costs on AWS

AWS & Opster provide customers with a comprehensive solution for search infrastructure and management. Ensuring a smooth, cost efficient and worry-free search operation.

AWS & Opster - Better Together

  • Improved OpenSearch performance with real-time detection and prevention of issues by AutoOps.
  • Reduced hardware needs thanks to AutoOps’ continuous cost monitoring leading to improved resource utilization.
  • Less time spent on OpenSearch maintenance with AutoOps’ automations and technology-based support.
  • Easily integrated, whether running on AWS EC2 or AWS OpenSearch Service

Benefits of using AutoOps on AWS OpenSearch Service

  • Full coverage of customer needs, from infrastructure to data management.
  • Smooth transition to OpenSearch, whether spinning up or migrating over from Elasticsearch.
  • Complete scalability and confidence to embrace new use cases while maintaining a stable and cost-efficient environment.

Support that takes charge of your entire search operation

Opster’s support complements AWS OpenSearch Service to provide users with a seamless search experience. All bases are covered, including data management, query structuring, shard structure optimization, capacity planning and more.

Why Opster?

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