Suffering From Heavy Searches?

  • Experiencing slow searches?
  • Searches causing down-time?
  • Difficulties pinpointing heavy searches?
  • Having trouble preventing costly searches?

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Introducing Opster’s Search Gateway

The Search Gateway provides what is desperately needed in critical ES deployments, with it you can block heavy searches from causing downtime and latency issues.

Deep Visibility of Searches

  • Visibility into – search “took” time, amount of searches over time, specific searches
  • Pinpointing heavy searches
  • Ability to group search stats by user
  • Real-time explanations for why searches became heavy and how to optimize heavy searches

Prevent Heavy Searches From Causing Latency Issues

  • Blocking heavy searches - automatically with customization options
  • Reject searches based on cluster health
  • Block or assign search rules per user
  • Disallow searches based on characteristics

Easily integrated into your own operation Stack

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and end your struggles with Elasticsearch

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