Improve Search Performance with Opster's Check-Up

The free Elasticsearch & OpenSearch Check-Up detects search problems and provides personalized recommendations to improve performance.

Analyze your cluster in 2 minutes

The Check-Up analyzes Elasticsearch & OpenSearch configuration based on 2 JSON files, pinpointing and recommending optimizations.

Free tool trusted and valued by the community

Thousands of engineers use Opster’s Check-Up to improve their search performance and ensure their systems are optimized.

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Improve performance with AutoOps

Opster's Check-Up is based on a single snapshot of a system's configuration. AutoOps is Opster's full solution for improving performance in real-time, ensuring stability and reducing hardware costs.

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Easily integrated into your own operation stack

Whether you have an on-prem or cloud installation, all of Opster’s products can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack.

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