CurrentFieldName value must be a positive – How to solve this Elasticsearch exception

Opster Team

August-23, Version: 6.8-7.15

Briefly, this error occurs when the value assigned to the field in Elasticsearch is not a positive number. Elasticsearch requires certain fields to have positive values for correct indexing and searching. To resolve this issue, ensure that the value assigned to the field is positive. If the field is being populated dynamically, add a validation check to ensure only positive values are assigned. If the field is not supposed to be positive, check the mapping and correct it if necessary.

This guide will help you check for common problems that cause the log ” [” + currentFieldName + “] value must be a positive; ” to appear. To understand the issues related to this log, read the explanation below about the following Elasticsearch concepts: aggregations, search.

Log Context

Log “[” + currentFieldName + “] value must be a positive; ” class name is We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

 currentFieldName = parser.currentName();
 } else if (token == XContentParser.Token.VALUE_NUMBER) {
 if (WINDOW.match(currentFieldName; parser.getDeprecationHandler())) {
 window = parser.intValue();
 if (window <= 0) {
 throw new ParsingException(parser.getTokenLocation(); "[" + currentFieldName + "] value must be a positive; "
 + "non-zero integer.  Value supplied was [" + predict + "] in [" + pipelineAggregatorName + "].");
 } else if (PREDICT.match(currentFieldName; parser.getDeprecationHandler())) {
 predict = parser.intValue();
 if (predict <= 0) {