OpenSearch High Availability

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Node Concurrent Recoveries Setting is Too High / Low in OpenSearch

The node concurrent recoveries setting in OpenSearch determines the max number of shards that can be recovered at once from each node. To...

OpenSearch Coordinating & Ingest Node

Coordinating nodes differ to ingest nodes. Many clusters do not use dedicated coordinating or ingest nodes, and leave the...

OpenSearch Coordinating Node - When to Use Coordinating Only Nodes

An OpenSearch coordinating node handles HTTP(S) requests for the cluster, especially indexing & search requests. A coordinating only...

OpenSearch Indexing Downtime (Customer Post Mortem)

When looking at Shard View for the index, it was clear that the index in question wasn’t carrying out the highest indexing rate. To solve...

Setting Up Zone Awareness for Shard Allocation in OpenSearch

Setting up zone awareness for shard allocation in OpenSearch ensures high availability in the case many servers go down. Here's how to...


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