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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

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A task is an Elasticsearch operation, which can be any request performed on an Elasticsearch cluster, such as a delete by query request, a search request and so on. Elasticsearch provides a dedicated Task API for the task management which includes various actions, from retrieving the status of current running tasks to canceling any long running task.


Get all currently running tasks on all nodes of the cluster

Apart from other information, the response of the below request contains task IDs of all the tasks which can be used to get detailed information about the particular task in question.

GET _tasks

Get detailed information of a particular task

Where clQFAL_VRrmnlRyPsu_p8A:1132678759 is the ID of the task in below request

GET _tasks/clQFAL_VRrmnlRyPsu_p8A:1132678759

Get all the current tasks running on particular nodes

GET _tasks?nodes=nodeId1,nodeId2

Cancel a task

Where clQFAL_VRrmnlRyPsu_p8A:1132678759 is the ID of the task in the below request

POST /_tasks/clQFAL_VRrmnlRyPsu_p8A:1132678759/_cancel?pretty


  • The Task API will be most useful when you want to investigate the spike of resource utilization in the cluster or want to cancel an operation.

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Related log errors to this ES concept

Trying to update state on non-existing task
Stopping task with force
Transform task triggered with an unintialized indexer
Successfully completed and scheduled task in node operation
Error during snapshot retention task
Starting SLM retention snapshot cleanup task
Cluster state applier task took above the warn threshold of
Cluster state update task took above the warn threshold of
Failed to store task result retrying in
Persistent task with id and allocation id failed to create
The task with id was found but it has a different allocation id status is not updated
Attempt to complete task with id in the state

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