OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator

The OSS OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator, licensed Apache V2, simplifies spinning up
and scaling clusters, optimizing configuration, upgrading versions, security and more.

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Open-source, runs on any K8s environment

Whether you’re managing your own K8s cluster or going the hosted route, you can deploy the OpenSearch Operator and benefit from its abilities on all cloud environments.

Contribute to the Operator

Deploy, manage and
orchestrate OpenSearch

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Deploy the Operator with Opster Management Console

You can use the Opster Management Console as an easy interface for running the Kubernetes Operator. You can deploy multiple clusters, configure node roles, scale cluster resources, manage certificates and more, for free.

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Use the Operator with AutoOps

To manage all of your OpenSearch needs, you can deploy the Operator along with Opster AutoOps and benefit from improved performance, stability and reduced hardware costs.

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