Opster's Essentials Services

The Essentials package includes support and professional services driven by our product platform. Below is an overview of the services our team will provide

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Unrivaled support and professional services, driven by our product platform

Architecture and Operations Review:

  • Capacity planning
    • Indices and shards
    • Data volume, storage capacity
    • Memory requirements

  • Best practices
    • Cluster structure – number of data/master/client nodes
    • Hardware recommendations
    • JVM setup and memory
    • ES configuration and settings

  • Review and setup Operations
    • Monitoring stack for ES
    • Indices life cycle management
    • Backup and restore and DR procedure
    • Kube/ec2/on-prem settings
    • Scale-up/down procedures

Production Clusters Review:

  • Security review
    • Role-based access / other
    • Node-to-node encryption
    • Encrypted client communication, TLS on Http
    • Scripts – review and limit execution

  • Data review and optimization
    • Shards – primary and replica recommendations
    • Data modeling
    • Effective use of templates
    • Schema and Optimized mappings
    • Searches optimizations
    • Slow search analysis
    • Benchmarks review

  • Capacity planningĀ 
    • Memory capacity
    • Disk capacity
    • Changes and scale considerations
    • Index and shards requirements

  • ES Operations
    • Incidents analysis, post mortems, action items
    • Implementation assistance of recommendations

  • ES upgradesĀ 
    • Major upgrade once a year
    • Upgrade procedures
    • Backward compatibility and migrations
    • New features and required changes


All of these services and many more not listed
above are provided in Opster’s Essentials Package.

An onboarding and quarterly plan will be built together with your
dedicated Operation success manager to cover these topics.