Why Opster
(TL;DR version)

Running Elasticsearch can be extremely difficult. To achieve the best results at the lowest possible cost, you need to efficiently manage both the infrastructure and data layers.

The infrastructure layer includes: Elasticsearch orchestration, deploying clusters, scaling resources, configuring security, provisioning and more.

The data layer includes: taking care of ingesting data, configuring and maintaining your data structure, optimizing shards, avoiding latency, preventing incidents, improving performance and more.

Managed services only focus on the infrastructure layer. They provide you with tools and support services for managing the infrastructure layer, but only that layer. They expand upon open source/code Elasticsearch with features that are often irrelevant to most use cases.

Opster’s products and support services cover both the infrastructure layer and the data layer of managing Elasticsearch, with a focus on the data layer that users have always been left alone to handle. Learn how to cut down the cost of running Elasticsearch and improve performance here:
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