Cannot determine current memory usage due to JDK-8207200 – How to solve this Elasticsearch error

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Aug-23, Version: 7-8.9

Briefly, this error occurs when Elasticsearch is unable to determine the current memory usage due to a known issue in the Java Development Kit (JDK), specifically bug 8207200. This can affect the performance and stability of Elasticsearch. To resolve this issue, you can upgrade your JDK to a version where this bug is fixed. Alternatively, you can adjust the JVM options to limit the memory usage of Elasticsearch, ensuring it doesn’t exceed your system’s capabilities. Lastly, you can monitor your system’s memory usage manually to prevent overconsumption.

This guide will help you check for common problems that cause the log ” Cannot determine current memory usage due to JDK-8207200. ” to appear. To understand the issues related to this log, read the explanation below about the following Elasticsearch concepts: indices, breaker, memory.

Log Context

Log “Cannot determine current memory usage due to JDK-8207200.” classname is
We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

        } catch (IllegalArgumentException ex) {
            // This exception can happen (rarely) due to a race condition in the JVM when determining usage of memory pools. We do not want
            // to fail requests because of this and thus return zero memory usage in this case. While we could also return the most
            // recently determined memory usage; we would overestimate memory usage immediately after a garbage collection event.
            assert ex.getMessage().matches("committed = \d+ should be 


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