Cluster Management & Optimization Made Easier

With AutoOps + OpsGPT not only can you can get accurate answers to your questions based on live data from your Elasticsearch or OpenSearch operation - but you can also pinpoint and prevent issues before they occur, reduce hardware costs and improve performance.

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Detection & resolution of issues based on hundreds of metrics

AutoOps diagnoses issues in Elasticsearch based on the analysis of hundreds of metrics. Once diagnosed, the system provides both root cause analysis and precise resolution paths.

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Get real-time, accurate answers about your clusters

OpsGPT is seamlessly integrated into AutoOps, enabling precise responses to your queries by leveraging real-time data from your Elasticsearch/OpenSearch operation.

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Proactive support that takes charge of your cluster

Opster's support team uses AutoOps to prevent & resolve issues in real-time. Everything is included, from designing new clusters, to optimizing mappings & templates, upgrading versions and more.

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Our products are loved by over 20,000 users from the community. Thank you to our customers from all around the world!

Easily integrated, secured by design

Opster is SOC-2 certified. AutoOps collects only metrics & stats using a lightweight agent (no sensitive information), and can be easily integrated into your management stack. We work with Fortune 500 companies that have the strictest guidelines.

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