Opster’s 2021 Review & What’s Ahead

By Opster Team

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

| 3 min read

As we kick off 2022, we’re happy to share some of Opster’s highlights from 2021 and some of our upcoming features that will be released this year. 

In 2021 we introduced tons of exciting new functionalities that help our customers and answer their needs. Here’s a few of them:

2021 Feature Highlight 

  • AutoOps Operator
    The Operator streamlines and automates many operations in Elasticsearch and OpenSearch in order to improve stability, increase performance, and reduce the overhead of developing and maintaining cookbooks and scripts.
  • Template Optimizer
    Analyzes Elasticsearch & OpenSearch templates to improve configuration and performance. AutoOps continuously monitors the template definitions and alerts & suggests optimizations when the templates are modified and can be optimized.

  • Search Log Analyzer
    Provide insights as to why searches are slow and how they can be optimized.
  • Enhanced Incident Analysis
    Many new events were added to AutoOps, in order to cover more use-cases and optimization scenarios, providing users with more value and control.
  • AutoOps for OpenSearch
    Opster’s tools (AutoOps, Search Gateway, Operator, Multi-Cluster Load Balancer) now also support OpenSearch.
  • KPI Reports
    These reports help measure: cluster performance over time, the cost of the cluster relative to the growth in data, as well as stability.
  • Windows Servers Support
    Opster’s tools (AutoOps, Search Gateway, Operator, Multi-Cluster Load Balancer) now support Windows server.
  • Fine-Tune Notification Filters
    The filters allow users to fine tune which events they would like to be notified about, with complete control over all event types.
  • Events Over Time Dashboard
    A new interactive visualization that provides a zoomed-out view of the event occurrences over the timeline, allowing easy correlation of events and incidents, and event pattern detection. 

  • Event Customization
    Helps optimize the events for specific use-cases in order to prevent alert noise and receive notifications only when relevant. Different levels of alerts can be customized for different clusters.
  • Dismiss Events
    Users can clear open events they do not plan to resolve and/or that are not relevant for their deployments.
  • Support Enhancements
    Ticket creation/escalation and tracking directly through a dedicated Slack channel.
  • User Management
    Users can now easily invite new team members and manage teams through the console.
  • 2FA Support
    Users can now increase security with email two-factor authentication.

Some of Opster’s Upcoming Features 

Here are just a few of the upcoming features and enhancements that will be released soon:

  • Opster K8S Operator
    Kubernetes Operator for automating the deployment, provisioning, management, and orchestration of OpenSearch clusters.

  • Resources and Cost Optimizer Tool
    Analyzes resource utilization and provides recommendations on resources, cost reduction and optimization.

  • Detection and Resolution of Node Hot-Spots and Bottlenecks
    Automatic analysis that detects nodes that are too loaded and forming bottlenecks, with drill-downs into the relevant shards and automations to resolve it.

  • Management Console
    User interface for management of local clusters, scaling, deployment, local deep analysis on the clusters, and automation of resolutions using the AutoOps Operator.

  • Search Gateway Enhancements
    Enhancing the Search Gateway capabilities for pinpointing heavy searches. In addition customers will be able to use a hosted version of the Search Dashboard by sending the Search Gateway data to Opster cloud.

  • Enhanced AutoOps
    Adding more events, tuning the existing ones, covering additional use cases, and adding more automations to the Auto-Ops Operator.

Here’s to another great year – happy 2022!