Closed Environment (No Internet Connection) Setup

In order to use OMC for an environment that is closed to the internet, users will have to work according to these steps: 


By default, the OMC will use the default OpenSearch repo opensearchproject/opensearch, if users don’t have access to that repo, or if they want to use their own Image, they must specify the DefaultRepo image in the clusters general spec.

Custom init helper

During cluster initialization, the operator uses init containers as helpers. For these containers a busybox image is used ( specifically In case users work in offline environments and the cluster cannot access the registry or if users want to customize the image, they can override the image used by specifying the initHelper image in the cluster general spec.

For example, in the next omc-test cluster we will use “MyCustomeRepo/MyCustomImage:MyImageTag” as the default repo and “MyCustomeRepo/MyCustombusyBoxImage:BusyBoxTag” as the initHelper Image.

Opster Management Console (OMC) custom init helper tab.

By following these steps you can use the OMC with a closed environment.

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