Ensuring peak performance for Elasticsearch

Opster’s Essentials provides everything you need to run Elasticsearch smoothly with proactive maintenance, production support and advanced tools for optimization and automation of operations.

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Superior support driven by our platform

Our product and support team will monitor your system to prevent issues, review your data modeling and capacity planning, optimize search and indexing performance, apply best practices and more.

The Essentials Services

Keeping your clusters healthy and running smoothly at all times

Our platform and tools solve some of the most complex Elasticsearch issues to ensure that operations are running at peak performance. Our tools include: Search Gateway, Shard Optimizer, Template Optimizer, Indice Splitter, Multi-Cluster Load Balancer and more.

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As if the world’s top Elasticsearch experts joined your team

You’ll feel as though you have the most elite ES experts at your service. In the rare case that you encounter a production incident despite our optimizations, our highly experienced NOC team will guide you to full resolution, RCA and prevention.

Working With The Best

Stabilize operations with our unique onboarding process

Learn more about our unique onboarding process and what to expect from Opster’s proactive support service.

What To Expect

Easily integrated into your own operation Stack

Whether you have an on-prem or cloud installation, Opster’s products can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack.

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