Meet Our Elasticsearch Expert Advisors

Opster team is comprised of masters in Elasticsearch
Opster’s deep expertise is not only based on our exceptional internal team but on
gathering knowledge from the community world-class Elasticsearch experts.
Enriching our solutions with their valuable first-hand encounter with dozens of issues

Our Elasticsearch experts are all about assisting the community – writing up troubleshooting guides,
answering community questions on STOF and contributing to ES related open source projects.
Reach out to benefit from their vast  knowledge 

 ES experts advisors community contribution Stats:
Reputation: 22,000 +
Answers:   770 +

Kamal K.

Kamal is a dedicated Senior Developer with more than 6 years of experience with ES. Kamal has answered more than 200 ES questions on STOF.

Community Contribution Stats:

Matthew F.

Matthew has helped dozens of companies maintain large and small installations, from small pilot web sites up to TB clusters for multinational companies, on AWS and Google Cloud.

Bharvi D.

Bharvi is a prominent ES expert and the Author of two books: "Elasticsearch Essentials" and "Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x, Third edition". Bharvi has more than 8 years of experience working with Elasticsearch.

Vijay. G

Vijay has worked with Elasticsearch for over 8 years and has expertly maintained clusters for fortune 500 companies.

Community Contribution Stats:
2K +
Elasticsearch Tagged Score:


Amit is is a top-notch Elasticsearch expert with experience operating mission-critical ES deployments for multinational corporations. Amit is a passionate community contributor and was in the top 2% on STOF in 2019

Community Contribution Stats:
5K +