Prevent Incidents Optimize Performance Automate Operation

Opster detects Elasticsearch problems, provides recommendations and can perform various actions to streamline operation and reduce costs

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Spare your team members from dealing with Elasticsearch problems

Operation Monitoring

Gain observability on what Elasticsearch is doing, identify disconnected nodes and detect which index is lagging

Problem Prevention

Actively detect the root causes of Elasticsearch problems and prevent issues before they occur

Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents quickly and easily with detailed instructions and scripts on how to remediate incidents

Performance Optimization

Reduce costs and optimize performance by balancing shards, detecting bottlenecks and many more

Workflow Automation

Minimize repetitive maintenance tasks and incident resolution time with Opster’s recommendations integrated into your operation management stack

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Prevent Settings Related Incidents

Opster offers a free check-up to analyze your ES settings and compare them to world-class best practices

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Opster’s wisdom can be integrated seamlessly into your own operation management stack

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