The Next Step in Elasticsearch Management

Incorporating information on the deep root causes of numerous issues, Opster provides
 actionable recommendations on how to prevent incidents and optimize performance



Proactive monitoring

Real-time monitoring & alert system that creates actionable alerts.
Reducing the time and expertise needed for Elasticsearch management and set up

Incident Forecasting

Finds problematic nodes, reveals anomalies, notifies before nodes collapse
and incidents occur. Minimizing application failures, and preventing Alert Storms


Performance Optimizer

Detects heavy searches, loaded indexes,
redundant replicas, exhausted resources
and bottlenecks. Enabling efficiently scaled
operations and saved resources

Resolution Wizard

Identifies the root causes of issues and offers solutions to resolve them quickly.
Reducing system downtime and lagging services

Automatic Actions

Enables automation of repetitive maintenance workflows and perform automatic actions on a variety of issues. Reducing manual errors, incident resolution time and human interventions


Opster is easily set-up and built to integrate seamlessly with operation management, monitoring and visualization tools


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