Elasticsearch Repositories

Elasticsearch Repositories

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Nov 2020

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Repository in Elasticsearch

What it is:

An Elasticsearch snapshot provides a backup mechanism that takes the current state and data in the cluster and saves it to a repository (read the Glossary term Snapshot for more information). The backup process requires a repository to be created first. The repository needs to be registered using the _snapshot endpoint, and multiple repositories can be created per cluster. The following repository types are supported: 

Repository types:

Repository TypeConfiguration Type
Shared file systemType: “fs”
S3Type : “s3”
HDFSType :“hdfs”
AzureType: “azure”
Google Cloud StorageType : “gcs”


To register a repository of type fs:

PUT _snapshot/my_repo_01
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/mnt/my_repo_dir"

Notes and common problems:

  • S3, HDFS , Azure and Google Cloud requires a relevant plugin to be installed before it can be used for a snapshot.
  • The setting, path.repo: /mnt/my_repo_dir needs to be added to elasticsearch.yml on all the nodes in case you are planning to use repo type of file system otherwise it will fail.
  • When using remote repositories , the network bandwidth and repository storage throughput should be high enough to complete the snapshot operations normally , otherwise you will end up with partial snapshots.

Related log errors to this ES concept

Cannot parse the specified url
Failed to change repository
Failed to create repository
Internal repository already registered. this prevented the registration of
Non-internal repository already registered. this repository will block the
Put repository
The specified location doesnt start with any
Doesn't match any of the locations specified by path.repo because this setting is empty
Update repository
Failed to read commit point
Failed to verify repository
Failure updating cluster state

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