Easily Operate and Optimize OpenSearch

Reduce the time and cost of running OpenSearch with CompleteOps. The complete management platform makes it easy to provision, operate, stabilize and optimize OpenSearch clusters.

Automate Deployment, Management and Orchestration

Spin up and autoscale clusters on Kubernetes, optimize configuration, upgrade versions, secure installations and more.

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Managed Service Capabilities on Your Cloud

“CompleteOps” provides all of the orchestration and management capabilities offered by managed services, on any cloud or premise of your choice.

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Stability and Performance at a Lower Cost

“CompleteOps” also includes all the capabilities of AutoOps, including optimizing OpenSearch performance, preventing & resolving issues in real-time and improving resource utilization.

Proactive Support and Professional Services

Using the AutoOps platform, the support team will alert and resolve problems before they materialize into issues affecting performance.

Less Hardware with Better Performance

By optimizing mapping, stabilizing operations and improving resource utilization, “CompleteOps” allows customers to significantly downsize the needed hardware for their deployment.

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Easily integrated, secured by design

Opster is SOC-2 certified. Our products are either on-prem or collect only metrics & stats (no sensitive information), and can be easily integrated into your management stack. We work with Fortune 500 companies that have the strictest guidelines.

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