Unexpected death of the result processor – How to solve this Elasticsearch exception

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August-23, Version: 6.8-8.9

Briefly, this error occurs when the result processor in Elasticsearch, which is responsible for processing search results, unexpectedly stops or crashes. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as memory issues, bugs in the code, or network problems. To resolve this issue, you could try restarting the Elasticsearch service, checking for any bugs in your code, ensuring that there is enough memory allocated to Elasticsearch, and verifying that your network is stable. If the problem persists, consider upgrading Elasticsearch to the latest version as the issue might have been fixed in a newer release.

This guide will help you check for common problems that cause the log ” [{}] Unexpected death of the result processor ” to appear. To understand the issues related to this log, read the explanation below about the following Elasticsearch concepts: plugin.

Log Context

Log “[{}] Unexpected death of the result processor” class name is AutodetectCommunicator.java. We extracted the following from Elasticsearch source code for those seeking an in-depth context :

 }  private void checkResultsProcessorIsAlive() {
 if (autodetectResultProcessor.isFailed()) {
 // Don't log here - it just causes double logging when the exception gets logged
 throw new ElasticsearchException("[{}] Unexpected death of the result processor"; job.getId());
 }  public ZonedDateTime getProcessStartTime() {
 return autodetectProcess.getProcessStartTime();


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