OpenSearch Machine Learning

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A Quick Introduction to Vector Search

This guide explains the basics of embedding vectors and how vector search works under the hood in Elasticsearch & OpenSearch.

How To Set Up OpenSearch Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is a feature in OpenSearch that captures unusual patterns in time series data. Here's how to set it up, with examples.

How to Set Up Vector Search in OpenSearch

This guide will walk you through setting up vector search in OpenSearch using the k-NN plugin and the Neural Search plugin.

OpenSearch Data Streams

OpenSearch data streams enforce a setup that works well with time-based data, making the ISM policies easier to configure. To create...

OpenSearch Hybrid Search

Here's how to craft powerful OpenSearch hybrid search queries, including examples. The new hybrid search query and normalization-processor...

Opensearch k-NN

 In OpenSearch, kNN stands for k-nearest neighbors & is used to find nearby documents based on vector dimensions. The kNN OpenSearch plugin...


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