OpenSearch Security

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Changing the Admin Password in OpenSearch

In this guide, we'll discuss the process of changing the admin password in OpenSearch. Before changing the admin password, ensure that...

How to Set Up Single Sign-On Using Active Directory in OpenSearch

By using Single Sign-On (SSO) in OpenSearch, users can log into many apps with the same credentials. To set SOO using Azure AD as idP..

How to Set Up Single Sign-On using SAML in OpenSearch

Single Sign-On (SSO) in OpenSearch allows users to have the same users & permissions across applications. To set up SAML SSO using Okta...

Managing Secrets with OpenSearch Keystore

OpenSearch Keystore is a secure method for storing sensitive data. This guide explains how to use and manage the OpenSearch Keystore.

OpenSearch Audit logs (How to Create a Dashboard to Visualize Audit Logs)

For security reasons, it's key to enable audit logs in OpenSearch. Here's how to configure audit logs & create a dashboard for visualization.

OpenSearch Default Username and Password: Securing Your Cluster

This article will discuss the default username and password for OpenSearch, how to change them, and how to secure your cluster by...

OpenSearch LDAP Authentication & Active Directory

In OpenSearch, Active Directory (AD) via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can be used for authentication. To configure it, use...

OpenSearch Security - Access Control (Users, Roles, Permissions, etc)

By setting up access control in OpenSearch, you can ensure that each user will be able to access what they need while securing other data...

OpenSearch Security - Configuration (Certificates)

To prepare an OpenSearch cluster for production, you need to first configure the certificates for security. Opensearch.yml is used...

PKI Authentication in OpenSearch

PKI (Private Key Infrastructure) is a set of actors & procedures to manage digital certificates. To setup PKI authentication in OpenSearch...

Setting Up Single Sign-On Using OpenID Connect in OpenSearch

With Sign-On (SSO), users to log into many applications with the same credentials. To set SOO using OpenID Connect (OIDC) in OpenSearch...

Troubleshooting OpenSearch Security Not Initialized Issues

Users may encounter an issue where OpenSearch security is not initialized. Here are the causes of this issue and resolution methods.


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