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Updated: Mar 10, 2024

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An Elasticsearch snapshot provides a backup mechanism that takes the current state and data in the cluster and saves it to a repository (read snapshot for more information). The backup process requires a repository to be created first. The repository needs to be registered using the _snapshot endpoint, and multiple repositories can be created per cluster. The following repository types are supported: 

Repository types

Repository typeConfiguration type
Shared file systemType: “fs”
S3Type : “s3”
HDFSType :“hdfs”
AzureType: “azure”
Google Cloud StorageType : “gcs”


To register an “fs” repository:

PUT _snapshot/my_repo_01
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/mnt/my_repo_dir"

Notes and good things to know

  • S3, HDFS, Azure and Google Cloud require a relevant plugin to be installed before it can be used for a snapshot.
  • The setting, path.repo: /mnt/my_repo_dir needs to be added to elasticsearch.yml on all the nodes if you are planning to use the repo type of file system. Otherwise, it will fail.
  • When using remote repositories, the network bandwidth and repository storage throughput should be high enough to complete the snapshot operations normally, otherwise you will end up with partial snapshots.

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Failure updating cluster state
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Store cannot be marked as corrupted
Failed to delete file during snapshot cleanup
Failed to list directory - some of files might not be deleted
Running cleanup operations on repository
Cannot parse the specified url
Hadoop authentication method is set to SIMPLE but a Kerberos principal is
Application Default Credentials are not supported out of the box

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