Opster for Setting up Elasticsearch & OpenSearch Deployments

Designing new Elasticsearch & OpenSearch deployments the right way is never easy. Mistakes made early on can significantly harm performance later on, while setting it up correctly the first time around can save on resources, time and frustration.

Opster’s solutions will provide you with all of the expertise you need, and ensure your cluster is engineered correctly and remains at peak performance at all times.
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Designing new deployments

When setting up new deployments you’re faced with many choices and decisions. With Opster’s solutions and guidance, you can speed through the crucial set up of the data layer, choose the right options for your use case and avoid pivotal mistakes that would harm performance later on.

Easy set up using Opster's Management Console

Opster’s Management Console for Elasticsearch & OpenSearch makes it easy to set up new deployments and manage them from a single interface – for free. Using the OMC you can deploy multiple clusters, configure node roles, scale cluster resources, manage certificates and more.

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Scaling while ensuring peak performance

Getting Elasticsearch or OpenSearch set up is one thing, while scaling efficiently and effectively is another. With Opster’s solutions it’s easy to scale deployments without suffering from any performance decrease throughout the process.

You’ll feel as though the world’s top experts have joined your ranks

Opster’s experts are available 24/7 on a private slack channel and will guide your team through designing new clusters while teaching them along the way. Empowering internal teams with Elasticsearch & OpenSearch expertise.

What’s included

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Diagnosing & fixing

AutoOps pinpoints the root causes of issues and provides methods for resolution.

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Improving performance

The AutoOps Operator performs shard rebalancing, blocking of heavy searches, optimizing mapping and more to improve performance.

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Reducing costs

Opster’s cost reduction tools allow for downsizing of the necessary hardware and improving overall resource utilization.

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End-to-end support

Opster’s expert support team monitors the cluster, conducts periodic reviews and is available 24/7 on a private Slack channel.