Elasticsearch DELETE

Elasticsearch DELETE

Opster Team

July 2020, Version: 1.7-7.9

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DELETE Elasticsearch API

What is it

DELETE  is an Elasticsearch API which removes a document from a specific index. This API requires an index name and _id document to delete the document. 

Delete a document

DELETE /my_index/_doc/1
  • A delete request throws 404 error code if the document does not already exist in the index.
  • If you want to delete a set of documents that  matches a query, you need to use delete by query API.

Related log errors to this ES concept

Exception trying to setParsedQuery
Failed to delete role
Failed to delete role-mapping
Failed to delete index on disk
Failed to delete shard snapshot file
Failed to delete data blob during finalization
Running DELETE Index on
Failed to delete blob in bucket
no shard lock for pending delete
More than one model found for jobid:
Failed to delete role from the index
Failed to delete indices

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