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All Script Types are Allowed to Run

Elasticsearch scripts can place heavy loads on clusters if they are not written carefully. It is a best practice to limit the type of..

Bootstrap Checks

Elasticsearch carries out "bootstrap checks" to ensure that important settings have been set correctly. If any of these fail, ES won't start.

Bootstrap Memory_Lock is Set to False

Elasticsearch can be configured to prevent memory swapping on its host machine by adding bootstrap memory_lock true. If bootstrap checks...

Cluster Blocks Read-Only

A read-only delete block can be applied automatically by the cluster because of a disk space issue. It can also be applied manually by...

Dangerous Default Settings

Cluster name and data path are default settings that could be destructive for proper Elasticsearch function if handled incorrectly. If you...

Elasticsearch Configuring Optimal Dedicated Master Nodes

Ideally, Elasticsearch clusters should have three dedicated master nodes and no other nodes with master roles. If you have other nodes...

Elasticsearch Coordinating Nodes - When Should You Use Coordinator Nodes?

What is the role of coordinator nodes, when should they be deployed, impact on indexing and searching and frequently asked questions on...

Elasticsearch Indexing Performance

Learn how to optimize Elasticsearch indexing performance with bulk indexing, refresh interval adjustments, and buffer size tuning, and more.

Elasticsearch Master Node

This article will discuss some advanced techniques and best practices for optimizing Elasticsearch master nodes to ensure cluster stability.

Elasticsearch Query: Optimizing Query Performance

In this guide, we will discuss techniques to optimize Elasticsearch query performance, including using filters, query rewriting & caching.

Enable Adaptive Replica Selection

Adaptive replica selection is a process that prevents a distressed Elasticsearch node from delaying the response to queries. To enable it...

Enable Shard Rebalancing and Allocation

Cluster shard rebalancing and allocation are often confused with each other. If cluster shard rebalancing isn't enabled, then...

File Descriptors

File descriptors are required to keep track of all the files Elasticsearch has open at any given time, as well as all network...

Misuse of Wildcards

It's possible to reduce the risk of accidental deletion of indices by preventing the use of wildcard for destructive operations. To check...

Optimizing Query String Searches in Elasticsearch

This article will discuss how to optimize query string searches in Elasticsearch to improve performance and relevance.


Rest-high-level is built on top of low-level rest-client and is a method of communicating with Elasticsearch based on HTTP REST endpoints...

Script Regex is Enabled in Painless Scripts

Script regex is disabled in Elasticsearch by default, but you can decide to enable it. Regex must be used with care in painless scripts...

Split Brain

Elasticsearch split brain occurs when there is more than one master in the cluster. By setting the quorum of minimum master nodes...

Zen Discovery Settings

Zen discovery settings for cluster formation were deprecated in Elasticsearch V.7 and should be removed from version 7 and above due to...


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