Elasticsearch Rest-high-level

By Opster Team

Updated: Jan 28, 2024

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Rest-high-level is built on top of low-level rest-client and is a method of communicating with Elasticsearch based on HTTP REST endpoints. This concept is majorly popular in the context of a Java-based Elasticsearch client. From day one, Elasticsearch supports transport clients for Java to communicate with Elasticsearch. In version 5.0, a low-level rest-client was released with lots of advantages over the existing transport client such as version independencies, increased stability, and lightweight JAR file libraries.

What it is used for

It is used for communicating with Elasticsearch HTTP REST endpoints in which marshalling and unmarshalling of response objects are handled by the Elasticsearch server itself.

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Logger warn text
High disk watermark exceeded on one or more nodes rerouting shards
Unable to parse response body
Node failures
Could not parse date time expected date field
Could not parse watch status failed to parse field
Could not parse watch status expecting field to hold a long
Could not parse watch status expecting field to hold a date

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