Setting Up a New AutoOps Account

Opster uses a lightweight agent to connect to the Elasticsearch/OpenSearch API endpoint. The agent does not access any of the data stored on the cluster and only fetches telemetrics (stats and metrics) about the cluster status and behavior. Opster is SOC_2 certified, though in this case no sensitive information is sent to Opster’s sytem anyway.

Install AutoOps in under 5 minutes

Follow the instructions in this video on how to connect your cluster:

Watch Installation video

Or follow the steps as written below:

  1. Fill in this short form to will help us understand your environment.
  2. Go to AutoOps and create an account.
  3. Click Sign Up.
  4. On the next screen, please click on “Connect your cluster via Metricbeat”.

5. This is where you can choose among the different shipping types we support and see the specific instructions for each of them. You will be able to select whether or not each will require authentication. If you’re using Managed Elastic Service, basic authentication is required.


6. To add more users to the account, you can select Team Management.

Some of the APIs’ endpoints:

Assigning roles for the agent

If you want to limit access and set a specific user who will have the access needed for the Opster agent, the following user role permissions are required:

  • Managed Elasticsearch: remote_monitoring_collector, snapshot_user
  • Other:
    • Cluster Permission: ​​cluster_monitor, indices_monitor, manage_snapshots
    • Index Permission: indices_monitor for all indices
    • If you’re required to open an IP/Port on your FW to ship the data, please add the following:
      • Address:,
      • Port: 5044 


Reach out to Opster support via the intercom chat bubble on the bottom right, contact us at or use the dedicated slack/ teams channel if you purchased support.

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