What is the AutoOps Operator?

Opster’s AutoOps Operator is an integral part of the complete AutoOps service. The AutoOps dashboard is specifically designed to collect key cluster metrics to provide insights into events, while also identifying the root causes and providing faster resolutions. This helps customers proactively operate and optimize their clusters. The AutoOps Operator sits on the customer’s premise and is solely controlled by the customer to help them implement these resolutions.

Why use the AutoOps Operator?

AutoOps events include recommendations for the customer to implement. These events often have resolutions that will require the customer to run a sequence of manual tasks. Some examples may be relevant to shard sizes requiring shrinks or merges, while other events may be optimized using roll-overs, detailed life-cycle management, etc. These tasks are time-consuming to carry out and often expensive to the business. The on-premise AutoOps Operator can run these manual tasks automatically and quickly optimize the cluster when relevant. This can lead to full automation of the resolution of many events.

The customer has full control of when to, or even if to, use the AutoOps Operator. No actual data is collected for the AutoOps dashboard and no automatic actions are taken. 

Who can use the AutoOps Operator – license/commercial/free, Opster license?

The AutoOps Operator is completely free for all customers who have an active AutoOps subscription. The AutoOps Operator cannot be licensed separately and is intended to quickly automate and optimize AutoOps customer environments. The AutoOps Operator is fully supported by Opster for relevant paying customers. 

How does the AutoOps Operator work?

The Operator is an on-prem service that can perform different operations on Elasticsearch and OpenSearch cluster/s.

After a successful installation, the Operator starts by creating 2 indices on the main cluster, one for saving the tasks it should execute and the second is for the logs used by its Kibana dashboard that reflect its operation.

The AutoOps Operator is an advanced scheduler that can be configured with predefined jobs and can work with several configuration bundles according to the desired job. The job, together with its configuration, can be triggered by executing a REST request to the Operator API.

The API supports scheduling, canceling and deleting jobs.