What is the Search Gateway

Opster’s Search Gateway is an on-premise, lightweight, and low latency proxy server that analyzes search queries run against an OpenSearch or Elasticsearch cluster. The Search Gateway provides deep visibility into searches that provide a complete understanding and drill-down ability for searches that negatively impact the performance of the cluster. The software will recognize and remember patterns of search logs that will differentiate between searches that are slow as opposed to searches that are problematic. Once the Search Gateway is tuned, it allows users to turn on the prevention of damaging search queries so that it is proactively and automatically protecting the cluster performance without the need to keep blocking entire users or letting the cluster performance suffer. The Search Gateway comes with a Kibana dashboard as a front-end user interface and a Grafana dashboard to monitor the performance of the tool.

Why use the Search Gateway

The Search Gateway saves many production incidents by proactively preventing heavy searches from damaging cluster performance. The end-user experience is also significantly improved as companies no longer have the need to remove or block active users who are not aware that they are running heavy searches. As this software sits on-premise, there is no need to manually review search logs or to send them externally for analysis, this visibility is provided immediately in the Kibana dashboard. The Search Gateway has been specifically designed to be fast and has no impact on the user experience in terms of search speed. The Search Gateway has the ability to be scaled both vertically and/or horizontally by running it on stronger hardware or adding more units. 

Who can use the Search Gateway – license/commercial/free, Opster license?

The Search Gateway is ideal for environments at high vulnerability to damaging search queries. This includes clusters where users can write and run their own searches and a multi-tenant environment where finding the culprit search is extremely difficult. When critical search clusters need protection through visibility and prevention, the Search Gateway is an ideal addition to the architecture of the search cluster. 

The SearchGateway is available to Opster customers as a stand-alone product, as part of Opster’s Enterprise plans, or as an addition to an existing AutoOps subscription. The Search Gateway is available on an annual subscription.

Kibana Search Dashboard & Opster's Search Gateway