Webhook Configuration


A webhook enables an application to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback (HTTP POST), which is triggered by specific events.

How to add a webhook notification

1. Go to Settings → Installation → Endpoint settings.

2. Press the ‘Add’ button.

Endpoint settings of Opster AutoOps.

3. Select the ‘Webhook’ option.

Webhook’ option on Opster AutoOps.

4. Enter the following details:

  • Name – Enter a unique name for this webhook
  • URL – This is the endpoint to which HTTP POST requests will be sent when certain events occur
  • Method – POST
  • Header – Content-Type,  application/Json
Details requested while adding a new notification endpoint on Opster AutoOps..

5. Review and update the message as it appears in the body section. AutoOps provides a set of optional fields to use in the message. It is recommended to read your application documentation for the expected message schema.

List of optional fields:

  • CLUSTER_ID – Customer Cluster ID
  • CLUSTER_NAME – Customer Cluster name
  • TITLE – The title of the event.
  • DESCRIPTION – The description of the issue that was found. 
  • SEVERITY – One of the 3 severity levels (High, Medium and Low).
  • TAGS – Event sub-category.
  • STATUS – Indicate if the event is currently open or close.
  • MESSAGE – The background and impact of the issue
  • START_TIME – The time the event was open.
  • END_TIME – The time the event was closed.
  • ENDPOINT_TYPE – The type of the endpoint (Slack, PagerDuty, Webhook, Opsgenie, VictorOps and MS Teams).
  • AFFECTED_NODES – List of node names.
  • AFFECTED_INDICES – List of indices names.
  • EVENT_LINK – Direct link to the event in AutoOps.

6. Press ‘Validate’ to check your settings.

7. Press ‘Save’ to save settings.

8. Optional – You can test the webhook integration by using this site.

Important note:

When the Endpoint settings have been completed, continue to set up the notification filter to define which events you’d like to be notified about.