What is AutoOps

What is AutoOps?

AutoOps is an automated operations platform that enables you to improve your search performance while reducing your hardware costs. 

The AutoOps dashboard is specifically designed to collect key cluster metrics to provide insights into events, while also identifying the root causes and providing faster resolutions. By automatically identifying, resolving and preventing issues, AutoOps ensures faster search times, system stability and high availability of your data. 

The AutoOps platform can perform advanced optimizations such as: shard rebalancing, blocking heavy searches, optimizing templates and more. These optimizations will ensure that your cluster will operate at peak performance and maximum resiliency. This also allows you to cut down on necessary hardware, therefore reducing your hardware expenses.

How can AutoOps help you?

Using AutoOps has numerous advantages for individual users and teams. 

  1. Cut down on manual administration time
  2. Improve performance
  3. Ensure constant stability and high availability
  4. Reduce hardware costs

Which aspects of operation are covered by AutoOps?

  • Data & shard structuring
  • Optimizing mapping
  • Search performance
  • Indexing performance
  • Cost monitoring & optimization
  • Incident prevention
  • Incident resolution
  • Automatic resolution of issues
  • Automatic performance optimizations